PuntaVerde (Greenpoint) - Brooklyn, New York, United States
Cafecito Bogotá is a 100% Colombian-owned Gourmet Restaurant and NY's first Colombian Mounted Arepa and Wine Bar.

Hearty, Traditional Colombian Dinner served nightly. A truly-unique Arepa Montada Menu complements our great selection of South American wines.

Exclusive Colombian Brunch composed of traditional dishes and exciting creations along with a nice variety of homemade fresh Exotic Juices and delicious drinks are offered on weekends...

WE are a Sea of Andean GREEN at GREEN Street in GREENPOINT...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The first time I learned about our Rooftop gardener was via the Daily News. It was a nice surprise to realize that this unique idea was taking hold right here in our backyard, Greenpoint. So I decided to go on Facebook and look for the name I have seen in the newspaper, Mr. Ben Flanner. At that time, my search threw 3 people with the same name but no picture, so I decided to email two with my interest of collaborating in exchanging coffee ground compost and purchasing fresh produce for my Mounted Arepas and all other Colombian Dinner recipes. Luckily, Ben Flanner contacted us in person at Cafecito a few days later and a visit to the Rooftop Farm was arranged. This was the beginning of a fantastic and delicious partnership.

Arriving at the Rooftop farm was a personal throwback. It brought beautiful Andean memories of Bogotá; an open verdant field of gorgeous-looking produce, spread over a high plateau perched against the most striking background ever closer to the sky. The scallion, cilantro and tomato fields immediately stood-out and it was futile to resist going crop by crop touching plumpy green tomatoes, smelling the aromatic herbs, chewing edible flowers and savoring the bitter salad leaves. An overpowering feeling of connecting with the earth was inescapable; a feel-good experience about the great people who make this possible was present, and the amazing sense of luckiness for having access to this wonderful food market kept lingering.

Cafecito’s first order arrived in four cute crates containing the freshest cilantro, scallion, fields greens mesclun and edible flowers, which were proudly used in the preparation of all our Mounted Arepa recipes. Our kitchen uses the staple of Colombian basic food ingredients: scallion, garlic, tomatoes and cilantro; field greens are served with virtually all our food orders, therefore there was no order that would not contain one or two local organic ingredients from the neighbor farmers, and virtually all our customers have gotten to try this stellar produce.

People have been curious about the taste and how differently these unique produce flavors our food. There is a difference in taste: sharper, sometimes bitter and more wholesome than industrially-grown produce. This produce definitively enhances and brings out all the flavors of a particular dish, and nicely fits Cafecito’s motto: Fresh. Honest. Delicious. Authentic. Colombian Food.

We once had a customer who complained because her boyfriend dining companion started crying as they were having dinner. We soon realized that our new scallion was the culprit. In our quest for bringing organic authenticity, a more powerful and strong breed of produce was discovered especially when chopped. This incident gave proof about the amazing authenticity of this produce and a compelling reason to vouch for the great produce quality and the great work of our Rooftop neighbor farmers, Ben Flanner + Annie Novak.

Visit: www.RoofTopFarmers.org

Saturday, January 16, 2010

NEW YEAR FULL DINNER MENU! Fresh. Honest. Delicious. Colombian Food.

You asked for it and we have listened. We have revamped and expanded our menu, and are thrilled to unveil our FULL COLOMBIAN DINNER! This is what is new:

* Our Mounted Arepa Menu is now more flexible than ever! Arepas can now be ordered separately so you can pair them with our sides, extras and great wines. Each Arepa is 5 and change.

* Tons of delish Colombian Appetizers and Sides are now available: Empanadas, Chorizo, Chicharrón, Patacones, Colombian Guacamole, Papa Salada, Salchipapas, etc. All just 4.

* Exciting Full Dinner Choices such as Sudado de Pollo, Camarones Encocados, Cerdo Empanizado, Bandeja Paisa and FULLY VEGAN Amazonía Verde with Recaíto-marinated Tofu Steak.

Our Mounted Arepa Menu is now more flexible than ever!

- Arepas can now be ordered separately so you can pair them with our sides and extras. Each Arepa is 5 and change.

- You can now create your own Mounted Arepa with all the fresh and delicious ingredients we are know for.

New fabulous drink choices now include Mimosa Latina, Colombian Refajo, Bogotan Mulled Wine, Passion Fruit Sangría and Kir Real along with our great Latino Wine and Beers from:

- Argentina
- Dominican Republic
- Southern Brazil
- Colombia
- Chile
- Mexico
- Nicaragua
- Spain
- Portugal

Join us for a great BOGOTAN Experience in GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

COLOMBIA IS WITH YOU! - EARTHQUAKE RELIEF: Touts Nous Sommes Haïtiennes Aujourd'hui - We Are All Haitians Today - Todos Somos Haitianos Hoy

Brooklyn is the home to the largest Haitian and Haitian-American population in NYC. On behalf of the people of Haiti and Haitian Organizations in Brooklyn, we are collecting medical and food donations at Cafecito Bogotá located at 1015 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to be delivered on Saturday Jan 16 to:

Bedford Haitian Community Center – 1534 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Flatbush Haitian Centers – 221 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226

>>>Items Being Collected (Please place donations in SMALL boxes)<<<:

• First Aid Kits
• Over the counter Remedies: Pain relievers, anti-diarrheal, antibacterial, etc.
• Non-Perishable Foods: Canned foods, bottled water, ready-to-eat meal, powered/canned milk, salt, sugar, powdered drinks, cornmeal, cereals.
• Personal Hygiene: Toothbrush, toothpaste, blankets, linen, soap, diapers, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, towels, combs, baby needs, pillows.
• General Items: Portable radios, batteries, flashlights, children shoes and clothing, toys, tents, etc.

If you are unable to donate medicine or food... Simply spread the word!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy New Year to all our readers! Continuing the weekend Bogotan tradition of having hearty breakfast while visiting Monserrate mountaintop…..We are super excited to introduce our NEW! Colombian Brunch Menu composed of delicious breakfast options, fresh homemade exotic juices, fantastic drink creations and ‘World's Best Coffee' Come-on over and pay a visit to “Monserrate” in NYC.

2010 makes our ColomBrunch truly unique because:

* We have become Brooklyn’s ONLY all-inclusive, unlimited-drinks (yes, have all the Mimosas or Sangría you’d like) Brunch spot.
* It’s official! We now are bringing the “Longest-running Brunch” title to Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
* If you are an Early Bird, get our full Brunch menu for 8.5 starting at 9am to 11am.
* Late birds still get the worm! Our full Brunch menu will be available until 6pm (yes, six pm!) because we know you crave our Huevos Pericos, Steak ‘n Huevos and Mimosa Latina all day long…

* New fabulous drink choices now include Mimosa Latina and Col. Refajo.

* We give you options if Prix-Fixe menus are not your cup of “coffee” Our regular menu is also available if you wish to order items separately or if you must have one of our Colombian Main Courses like Bandeja Paisa or new Sudado de Pollo.

You’ll enjoy great food, unlimited drinks and coffee made the way only Colombians know how to. Also, please stay tuned for updates on our retooled DINNER MENU coming very soon…