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Cafecito Bogotá is a 100% Colombian-owned Gourmet Restaurant and NY's first Colombian Mounted Arepa and Wine Bar.

Hearty, Traditional Colombian Dinner served nightly. A truly-unique Arepa Montada Menu complements our great selection of South American wines.

Exclusive Colombian Brunch composed of traditional dishes and exciting creations along with a nice variety of homemade fresh Exotic Juices and delicious drinks are offered on weekends...

WE are a Sea of Andean GREEN at GREEN Street in GREENPOINT...

Friday, October 10, 2008


We are very excited to know people out there LOVE what we are doing --just when we thought things were going unnoticed. ;-)

I recently received an uplifting email by Brooklyn Fashion Designer Elaine Perlov. In her own words, "…My husband and I come to your restaurant fairly regularly, and love it!! We were just there last Thursday night for dinner, and as always it was great. I have been meaning to write a blog piece about you. Keep up the great work!!"

This is also a great review about our Exclusive Brunch (now Recession-priced).". ..for thirteen eleven dollars you start with coffee or tea, a choice of unique fresh squeezed juices (I always get the passion fruit and my friends alternate from the black berry and mint limeade), then a main dish which comes with a green salad and fruit.

By far, the dish that has sealed the restaurant's fate as a perennial favorite of mine is the salty sweet combo of cured ham, guava tips (a jam like substance) and cheese. It’s called the Almibar and it might change, well, not your life, but at least your weekend mornings if you live in the area".

"...This is the tropical sangria from Cafecito Bogota. I tried this concoction last weekend and have to confess: it’s fucking amazing.

As you can see it is of the white variety. What you can’t see is this is essentially a fruit salad served in booze. Bits of banana, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and apple grace this beverage. When topped off with passion fruit juice (providing the frothy foam) the effect is quite amazing...I highly recommend giving this beverage a try. Check it out!"

We wholeheartedly value your great support!!

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