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Thursday, October 2, 2008


During my previous 'O7 trip down south , I came across a Community Market in my native nabe. It made me feel very special to be able to purchase organic, small-plot grown fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc. from the very own (and often disadvantaged and unappreciated) campesinos who grow the finest produce up the fertile soils of the Andes. I thought the ad was special. Btw, can you see Jacinta??

While this lady may not be Jacinta, I am quite certain that she embodies the millions of farm growers displaced from their lands because of Colombian civil conflict in the country side. Jacinta is selling hearty vegetables and "papa criolla", one of the unique types of Andean potatoes only native to this region. These potatoes are very small, yellow in the inside, very smooth, tender and rich. They are usually boiled to a tender consistency and then fried. A tad of salt is added before eating to taste heaven...They are usually served with Fritanga (see previous post).

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